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Too Many Notes (News & Features)

Yes, we’ll admit it. We’re biased when it comes to these words describing wine and food.{image_1}We like to think of ourselves as open-minded—we’ve based this entire issue on showcasing wines and foods that have blown away our preconceived notions. But we realized, while...Read Full Story

Wineries to Watch 2017 (News & Features)

Our tastings are geared toward discovery: We regularly turn up great wines from new producers, or from old-school wineries that have reinvented themselves. Here are ten that caught our attention this year—producers we’ll be looking out for in the years to come.Washington | Canvasback {image_1}On a...Read Full Story

Importers of the Year 2017 (News & Features)

Track records are important: They are what earned each of our Top 100 Wineries a place in this issue, as well as what landed these importers here.Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant {image_1}If you want to know what’s next in France, follow Kermit Lynch’s wine portfolio....Read Full Story

28th Annual Restaurant Poll Announced (News & Features)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Samantha Groseth (415) 770-2146 sgroseth@wineandspiritsmagazine.com (New York, NY, March 9th, 2017): After 28 years of tracking what diners are ordering off wine lists at America's most popular restaurants, Wine & Spirits Magazine has noted a new trend: The...Read Full Story

Wine & Spirits NYC 50 2016 (News & Features)

{image_1} That’s a question our staff gets all the time. So we decided to make our list public. These are the restaurants and bars we recommend to visiting winemakers and sommeliers, to fellow wine writers and our...Read Full Story

Restaurant Wine Trends for 2016: Personal Wine Selections Trump the Static Wine List (News & Features)

(New York, NY, March 2nd, 2016): The results of Wine & Spirits Magazine's 27th Annual Restaurant Poll are in. And one of the biggest trends noted this year is an increase in the sale of wine via pairings and tastes rather than bottles. "People are more reluctant to throw down for...Read Full Story

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