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Effervescence (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Last year, after only eight months open, this French Quarter boîte took top honors in Eater’s annual awards, snagging Bar of the Year. Credit goes to owner Crystal Hinds for the bright, airy space and for assembling a crack staff: chefs Brenna Sanders and Evan Ingram logged...Read Full Story

Trapeze (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Kim Bartmann opened this 22-seat bar last spring, a brightly muraled sliver of a space adjacent to Barbette, her always-packed brasserie. The list, overseen by local importer/consultant/wine star Jill Mott, bends toward natural wines, with selections like Delinquente Wine Co.’s Tuff Nut Pét-Nat,...Read Full Story

The Champagnery (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Architect and designer Charlotte Stengel was running a gallery out of an old apothecary before she transformed it into a Champagne bar last summer. Now there are wide couches to perch on while you take in the art, and a list of sparklers some 120 selections long. The current crowd...Read Full Story

Sigh (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Ask a sommelier the best way to recharge at the end of the day, and chances are they’ll say “Champagne.” So it’s no surprise that Jayme Powers had to move her wine-country sparkling wine bar into bigger digs this year. Now in a sparkly gold-and-silver space right...Read Full Story

Pix Patisserie (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Cheryl Wakerhauser has been stockpiling Champagne at her Portland patisserie since 2001—which means that she’s got quite a lot of it. And it’s ridiculously well priced. A range of J. Lassalle’s Special Club Brut vintages all run less than $175; Benoît Lahaye’s Rosé de Mac...Read Full Story

Air's Champagne Parlor (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

There are plenty of places to drink great bubbles in NYC, but none are as fun as Air’s. Owner Ariel Arce keeps the atmosphere lively with bright colors and a list designed to encourage people to engage with the staff: Instead of the usual suspects, she...Read Full Story

Mendoza Malbec (News & Features)

{image_1}He was right: The two went well together. But I really didn’t want another sip, or another bite. Since then, I’ve dipped back into Mendoza malbec from time to time, because I do love its sunny generosity. The wine’s smooth tannins and licorice-scented plummy fruit...Read Full Story

Game Changers | Cahors Malbec (News & Features)

Cahors has always been confusing to me: I knew the region mostly through reading books, where it’s often referred to as the land of “the black wine,” and I knew its major grape, malbec, through Mendoza, where it does, in fact, make dark, dense wines. But only some...Read Full Story

Game Changers | Greek Assyrtiko (News & Features)

“Santorini autism.” It’s what Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, at Gaia Winery, describes as the stubborn belief that assyrtiko can only excel in Santorini. This year, I was forced to admit that I had it. I didn’t really pay much attention to assyrtiko outside of Santorini—it seemed, at best,...Read Full Story

Game Changers | Retsina (News & Features)

Recently, I set out a bottle of Retsina along with a few other wines, and the Retsina flew. “What is this?” my neighbor asked, refilling her glass. “You’re drinking Retsina?!” her tablemate exclaimed, then insisted on trying it himself. If you’re old enough to remember when Retsina...Read Full Story

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