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Carso | Kras (News & Features)

Setting out from Trieste, Stephanie Johnson explores the vineyards and karst-rock cellars in the borderlands between Italy and Slovenia.{image_1}Gabriella’s menu draws from Italian and Eastern European traditions, reflecting Devetak’s position at the crossroads between eastern and western cultures. The inn perches on a...Read Full Story

Cabernet Franc (News & Features)

The broad-shouldered Super-Tuscans from Italy's coast have never really captivated Stephanie Johnson. Now the region's cabernet franc has her taking a second look.{image_1}One consistent point of light during these tastings has been Paleo, a pure cabernet franc from Le Macchiole. Like most Super-Tuscans, Paleo started out as...Read Full Story

Game Changers | Chianti Classico (News & Features)

After years of dominating Italian wine lists, Chianti Classico fell off the radar for many diners. Quality had dipped and flashy Super Tuscan wines, made with international varieties, became the rage. Now the pendulum is swinging back in Chianti Classico’s direction, with fans of the region seeking food-friendly,...Read Full Story

Nuanced Nero d’Avola (News & Features)

Best known as Sicily’s answer to international-style reds, nero d’Avola is widely planted and often anonymous—or that was Stephanie Johnson’s impression, prior to discovering some compelling versions on the volcanic island.Lagnusa’s flavor profile began to make sense a few days later, as I...Read Full Story

Alpine Sparklers (News & Features)

Stephanie Johnson suggests a summer tour of the vineyards on Lake Iseo.This small wine region is nestled at the southern end of Lake Iseo, one of several long, skinny glacial lakes that flow into Lombardy from the foothills of the Alps. The area’s considerable natural...Read Full Story

The Case for Chianti Classico (News & Features)

After years of passing over Chianti Classico for other more fashionable wines, sommeliers are coming back.{image_1}“The 1970s were a very dark time for Tuscany,” says Bobby Stuckey, MS, co-owner of Frasca Food and Wine, in Boulder, Colorado, and the newly opened Tavernetta, in...Read Full Story

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