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Etna’s Magnetic Attraction (News & Features)

Jenni Guizio and George Hock moved to Sicily to open a restaurant for vintner Salvo Foti. Stephanie Johnson gets the low-down on what they found on Mount Etna.Jenni Guizio and George Hock answered yes to that call a few years ago when Salvo Foti, a charismatic...Read Full Story

Gaja and Graci Collaborate on Mt. Etna (News & Features)

Angelo Gaja and Alberto Graci have announced a joint venture to buy 51.9 acres on Sicily’s Mt. Etna.{image_1} Gaja, now 76, has been producing wine in the Langhe region since 1961; he branched out into Tuscany with the purchase of Pieva Santa Restituta in Montalcino (1994) and Ca’Marcanda in Bolgheri (1996)....Read Full Story

Produttori del Barbaresco 2011 Barbaresco Riserva Rabajà (Wine Review)

Produttori's 53 growers own vineyards in nine of the best crus in the village of Barbaresco, and bottle single-cru Riservas in the best vintages, as they did in 2011. The single-cru wines undergo the same treatment in the cellar (fermenting on the skins for one month, followed by three years of...Read Full Story

Gianpaolo Paterlini on Barbaresco (News & Features)

{image_1}“Nebbiolo was my first real love,” he says, calling it “the most amazing grape on the planet.” His appreciation deepened in 2009 during a three-week stage at Bruno Giacosa’s winery in Neive. Paterlini recalls that his time there was all about getting to know the land. “It wasn...Read Full Story

Wineries to Watch 2016 (News & Features)

At W&S, our tastings regularly turn up new talent, and we’re always happy to stumble across a winery whose wines seem just as accomplished as the stalwarts we know and love. Here are a dozen up-and-coming producers that sparked our attention with their recent releases—wineries we...Read Full Story

Elvio Cogno 2015 Langhe Nascetta Anas-Cëtta (Wine Review)

Valter Fissore helped revive this nearly extinct Langhe variety in the early 1990s, and advocated to gain DOC status for nascetta, which was granted in 2010. Fissore keeps the juice in contact with the skins for 18-24 hours, lending a golden color to the wine. Its shy initial aromas build...Read Full Story

Movia Brda Sauvignon (Wine Review)

If you're not a fan of grassy, peppery sauvignon blancs, here's something completely different. Ales Kristancic's sauvignon is delicately scented with notes of white flowers, fresh citrus and a hint of cider. The flavors are initially subtle, with lime and tangerine streaming through a chewy, almost meaty texture, any...Read Full Story

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