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Gamay Goes to Portland (News & Features)

An hour after the doors opened on the afternoon of May 1, people were already wearing the I Love Gamay event T-shirt: "The Gamay Made Me Do It," lettered in pink over black.{image_1} Inside Elder Hall, a small event space in Portland, Oregon, glasses clinked and the young, tattooed...Read Full Story

Rosé is Real Wine (News & Features)

The idea that rosé should be enjoyed young permeates our wine-drinking culture, but Sutherland is one of many sommeliers who would argue that, in fact, quite often rosé needs time to settle down. “As much as I love fresh, newly bottled rosé, the wines only show primary flavors: lots...Read Full Story

Hospitality Included (News & Features)

Restaurant management also sees eliminating tipping as a way of encouraging the professionalism of servers and sommeliers, by emphasizing other, more long-term incentive structures. The movement is significant, driven by industry leaders such as Danny Meyer and Andrew Tarlow in New York, and Tom Douglas in Seattle. {image_1}“If...Read Full Story

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