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Wonder Women in Wine Seeks to Change Business As Usual (News & Features)

A new conference, Wonder Women in Wine, launching in Austin in March, seeks to address issues of gender equality in the wine industry. {image_1}Or, consider the fact that when a female wine director approaches a table and asks if she can help with the wine list, the response...Read Full Story

Deep Dives (Book Review)

Mapping Barolo Alessandro Masnaghetti has revolutionized the study of Piedmont’s most famous wines with his extraordinarily detailed books, mapping the crus, or MGAs (Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive), of Barolo and Barbaresco. Now, with Barolo MGA, Volume II, he’s delved even deeper into Barolo, tracing...Read Full Story

Ontario’s Whisky Boom (News & Features)

Now that Ontario has cemented a place in the world of fine wines, the region’s distillers are working on restoring the name of Canadian whisky. Rachel DelRocco Terrazas suggests a tasting tour from Toronto to Niagara.The Canadians have been making whisky since the 1800s, after...Read Full Story

Sauvignon Blanc from Chile’s Cold Coast (News & Features)

Rachel DelRocco Terrazas makes peace with sauvignon’s grassy flavors through the distinctive character of Chile’s far-coast versions.I’m an avid drinker of agave spirits and have spent a fair share of time in Mexico. So when I put my nose in these glasses of sauvignon blanc,...Read Full Story

Vodka’s Quiet Craft (News & Features)

Vodka is colorless and flavorless, right? As a bartender, Rachel DelRocco Terrazas long dismissed vodka, until she started looking more closely.{image_1}My dad is an avid vodka-soda drinker and often, when visiting him, I find myself lecturing him about his choice in cocktails. But recently, he mixed me...Read Full Story

Sparkling Cocktails (News & Features)

W&S resident bartender Rachel DelRocco puts a slew of Prosecco to the test: She and a panel of mixologists suggest how to choose the right sparkler for your drink.{image_1}Rarely, however, does much thought go into the quality of those bubbles; many bartenders would admit...Read Full Story

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