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Verjus (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

From Quince/Cotogna owners Michael and Lindsay Tusk, Verjus hits all the marks of Parisian wine bar cool: casual-chic decor, delicious unfussy bistro dishes and an extensive gem-packed wine list that is decidedly natural but without the dogma or the flaws—hats off to...Read Full Story

La Calenda (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Thomas Keller has breathed new life into Yountville with La Calenda, paying homage to Mexico in his most casual restaurant to date. Intention permeates everything, from the tortillas, made with corn imported from Mexico by Oaxacan-born chef de cuisine Kaelin Ulrich Trilling, to the beverage program, where...Read Full Story

Fern Bar (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

With Sam Levy’s beverage program at its heart, Fern Bar’s ethos is clear: a dedication to local produce and purveyors, with a run-through-the-garden playfulness. His botanically driven cocktails are in contention for Northern California’s best, and they are well matched by a succinct wine...Read Full Story

The Charter Oak (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

While chef-owner Chris Kostow has simplified the menu at Charter Oak to sublime ends, the wine team has added bottles: Originally Napa-only, the list now includes a smattering of well-priced imports, from Mosel rieslings to new-wave Australian syrahs. Coupled with the outstanding cocktail program, the food and...Read Full Story

Che Fico (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

At both Che Fico and Che Fico Alimentari, its new enoteca-retail offshoot, Francesca Maniace has raised San Francisco’s already high bar for Italian-focused wine programs. Her lists include both legends and obscura, supplemented by a covetable Champagne selection and a handful of domestic wines...Read Full Story

TORC (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

At Torc, husband-and-wife duo Sean and Cynthia O’Toole offer the truffles and blue-chip wines of a fine-dining destination without the pomp and hush. Come for handmade pastas, locally raised heritage meats, and vegetable sides featuring produce grown at neighboring...Read Full Story

The Corner (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Less than a year old, The Corner opened with a cellar to compete against Napa Valley’s three-star Michelins. Trevor Sheehan runs the wine list, indulging his obsessions with Burgundy, Champagne, old California and whiskey; Dustin Falcon is in...Read Full Story

Taco Addiction (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Napa has no shortage of great taco trucks, but if there’s time for only one stop, make it Taco Addiction. Typically stationed outside the movie theater in South Napa, with guest appearances at hot spots like ...Read Full Story

Foodshed Takeaway (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

For a grab-and-go picnic-in-a-vineyard perfection, stop by the Italian-influenced retail store and take-away shop Foodshed in North Napa. Napa native Giovanni Guerrera opened it in July 2013 after a stint in Italy working for Alice Water’s Rome Sustainable...Read Full Story

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