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Age-Defying Cabernet (News & Features)

Back in the 1980s, Vogue published a monthly column by Martin Gersh. A former high-school math teacher whose wife, Gloria, was the magazine's photography editor, Gersh had developed his own legend around decanting wine. One of his favorite wines, Mayacamas Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, was noted at the time for...Read Full Story

Classified: A Biologist Decodes the Bordeaux Market (Book Review)

Wine writers often enter the profession through other disciplines, whether as foreign correspondents (Frank Prial), sports writers (Bruce Schoenfeld) or novelists (Jay McInerney). Benjamin Lewin earned his Master of Wine credential last year, after a career as the founding editor of Cell, the journal of experimental biology. He brings...Read Full Story

Master of Faults (News & Features)

{image_1}For the ten years before Harrop started with the Challenge, the organizers had been tracking corked wines, flagged by a range of different judges. In those years, Harrop says, wines presumed to have cork taint ranged between six and seven percent of the total. Four years ago, when...Read Full Story

Here's to the 75th Anniversary of Repeal! (News & Features)

{image_1} The tasting staff and critics of Wine & Spirits invite you to raise a glass with us on December 5, to mark the date when the 21st Amendment ended Prohibition in the United States. Check out our favorite libations for Repeal Day. How will you celebrate? {image_2}Joshua...Read Full Story

One of the best-kept secrets in the wine world? (News & Features)

Château–Chalon is a 50–hectare hillside in Jura, one of the appellations allowed for Vin Jaune. Jean Bourdy owns half a hectare in the appellation, out of the family's total vineyard holdings of ten hectares. It didn't surprise...Read Full Story

Natural Buzz: The Philosophy Behind Biodynamic Wine (News & Features)

{image_1}There have been vineyards at Nikolaihof since Roman times. The Saahs family took over in 1894; today, Christine and Nikolaus Saahs run the estate. The Saahs started working in biodynamics in 1971 and have been certified by Demeter since 1998. They farm all 54 acres of the estate using biodynamic principles. Among...Read Full Story

VinItaly 2009: Highlights from Verona (News & Features)

{image_1}Are the 2007s in Italy holding up to their early promise? WW: Absolutely. A number of wines supported the early buzz about the vintage. In Piedmont, for instance, Produttori del Barbaresco’s ’07 Langhe Nebbiolo was striking for the way its floral notes and rich palate felt firmly bound...Read Full Story

A Vertical Tasting with Anne-Claude Leflaive (News & Features)

{image_1}"When Pierre and I arrived," she said, "we decided to change the way we farmed." At the time, they faced a problem with erosion. With conventional farming, they were losing topsoil. "The soil is gold for us," she explained, having found that the best way to keep it...Read Full Story

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