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Get Your Aussie On, in LA (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

In Oz, they call it “WA.” Western Australia covers pretty well half of the continent and, lately, pretty well the richest half, due to rare-earth mining in the north. To the south, the vineyards sustain surfers in Margaret River and riesling-loving hermits in the Porongorups. The only problem is,...Read Full Story

Porto Protocol (News & Features)

The front lines in the battle are everywhere, though news tends to focus on the change we can see: the water rising in the streets of Miami Beach, the fires raging in the hills of California, the sea passage opening in the Arctic Circle. While politician quibble over the...Read Full Story

Just Across the Road (News & Features)

St-Emilion’s eastern neighbor has attracted successive waves of major winegrowing talent, producing some delicious wines that are still remarkably affordable. Joshua Greene spent a week investigating the the land and its wines.By the turn of the 21st century, a number of legendary St-Emilion growers had...Read Full Story

2016 Port: A Polished Vintage (News & Features)

By the time you read this, most, if not all, of the 2016 Vintage Port will have been sold, a very short crop of some of the most polished wines the Douro has ever grown.{image_1}By the time you read this, most, if not all, of the 2016 Vintage Port...Read Full Story

Somms Under Pressure (News & Features)

When it comes to international competition, what can sommeliers learn from an Olympic gold medalist in freestyle skiing?{image_5}Alexandre Bilodeau, whose speed and agility skiing moguls earned him two Olympic gold medals, recently sat with a circle of...Read Full Story

Game Changers | Margaret River Cabernet (News & Features)

Virginia Willcock, who makes the wines at Vasse Felix in Western Australia, has a long history with Margaret River cabernet sauvignon. She still farms a parcel of vines Tom Cullity planted 50 years ago. Her perspective on the shi ing style of the wines helped me understand why I had,...Read Full Story

Game Changers | Chilean Carmenère (News & Features)

It took many years for Chileans to embrace carmenère. Many growers believed it was a late-ripening clone of merlot, one of a range of vines that had come from Bordeaux in the 19th century. It wasn’t until 1993 that Chileans discovered its true identity, and, even then, many...Read Full Story

Game Changers | Willamette Chardonnay (News & Features)

Pinot noir gets all the attention in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, yet, as vineyard developments have spread south and west, pockets of chardonnay land have emerged, growing wines that may someday challenge the pinot noir status quo. Elaine Chukan Brown reported on the trend in our October 2017 issue, tracing...Read Full Story

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