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Jordan Mackay and Rajat Parr win André Simon Food & Drink Book Award (News & Features)

A big shout-out to W&S contributor Jordan Mackay and sommelier-winemaker Rajat Parr for taking top honors in the André Simon Food & Drink Book Awards 2018. ...Read Full Story

Tonic Boom (News & Features)

For one of the world’s simplest drinks, the Gin and Tonic has become surprisingly complex. But these days, it’s not gin that’s shaking things up. Rather, it’s tonic water, which is blossoming into a category as compellingly diverse as the world of gin. {image_1}It...Read Full Story

Real Rum (News & Features)

For many drinkers, the thought of rum conjures sweet, slushy drinks, flowery aloha shirts and mugs that resemble Easter Island statues. Not at Obispo, a bar Thad Vogler is opening in San Francisco’s Mission district in August. It will be, he says, “totally the anti-tiki.” “I...Read Full Story

Mezcal’s Golden Age (News & Features)

The question is not whether mezcal is hot. It’s fair to ask, has any spirit ever been hotter?{image_1} Some mezcal producers are taking steps to counter these trends. Recently, Sombra, a mezcal launched by Master Sommelier Richard Betts and now owned by Davos Brands, debuted a cutting-edge ...Read Full Story

American Amaro (News & Features)

Consider the story of the Southern Amaro created by Scott Blackwell of Charleston’s High Wire Distilling Co. A chance seating next to Brad Thomas Parsons, author of Amaro, at a dinner three years ago, planted the seed. Over casual dinner conversation, Parsons noted the lack of...Read Full Story

Batter Up (News & Features)

When it comes to hot cocktails, though, we have an extremely limited roster of drinks, running pretty much from the Irish Coffee to mulled wine or cider to the Hot Toddy. I love them all, and they do the job. But, for me, there’s one that stands above...Read Full Story

Rice Whiskey (News & Features)

Most whiskey is made from barley, corn, wheat or rye; and Japanese whiskey follows in the Scottish tradition by using malted barley. Some early skeptics concluded that Kikori is merely a shochu masquerading as whiskey. And there are similarities: Shochu, Japan’s most popular spirit, is usually made from...Read Full Story

Rajat Parr on Côte Rôtie (News & Features)

{image_1}“The wine was profound,” he recalls. “Wild and exotic, but also sleek and finessed. It blew me away.” The day after that lunch, Parr bought up every bottle of old Clusel-Roch he could find in the local wine shops. The next day, he first set eyes on the...Read Full Story

Aged Chartreuse (News & Features)

{image_1}But a couple years later, when he’d become a sommelier, a representative of the Chartreuse distillery in France offered a taste of Chartreuse “VEP,” which stands for Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolongé, or “exceptionally long-aged” in old oak casks. “I never had a singular moment of revelation...Read Full Story

Gin 2.0 (News & Features)

After 2002, gin sales stagnated. Cocktail drinkers weren’t having it. Many of the new releases seemed almost apologetic about being gins, suppressing the juniper in an attempt to appeal to vodka drinkers. The hype was soon replaced by newer spirit fascinations—pisco, mezcal, Tequila—and gin politely receded. But...Read Full Story

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