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Pinot Noir Central (News & Features)

{image_1}Since the first commercial release of a wine from Central Otago in 1987, the region has grown fast and is still finding its feet. There are interesting wines being made from riesling, chardonnay and pinot gris, but one of its core strengths is that it is, for all intents...Read Full Story

A Terroir Reader (Book Review)

In Wine and Place, authors John Buechsenstein and Tim Patterson are on a mission to rescue terroir. “The concept of terroir needs a good housekeeping in order to defend it,” they state. “As long as the concept is overgrown with mythology, as long as crucial aspects of...Read Full Story

Wine by Rock (Book Review)

The world of wine goes through revolutions. The early 1990s saw the cult of the winemaker. Flying winemakers were the heroes, taking their New World expertise to the underdeveloped Old World. The vineyard didn’t matter as much: the hand of the skilled winemaker could transform average grapes into...Read Full Story

Rocks In Your Glass (Book Review)

This may well be the first book examining wine through the lens of a single bedrock type. As such, it’s an important one, and it fits the times. Because there is nothing more current in wine than soils and rocks. It seems we are suddenly intrigued by not...Read Full Story

New Climate Report on English Fizz (News & Features)

{image_1}While there is a lot of excitement about the potential for sparkling wine in England, a new scientific paper from researchers at the University of East Anglia has shown that the climate in the south of England is still marginal for quality wine production. The team, led by...Read Full Story

English Fizz (News & Features)

Of course, these sorts of tastings prove nothing, other than that some experienced tasters couldn’t reliably tell apart good English sparkling wine from good Champagne. And that the best English sparkling wines belong in the same peer group as good Champagne. But to suggest that English sparkling wine...Read Full Story

English Sparklers from the Southern Downs (News & Features)

There’s a lot of buzz in the UK at the moment concerning English sparkling wine. It wasn’t all that long ago that the English wine scene was considered with mirth: a homespun cottage industry making tart, crisp white table wines that smelled of summer meadows and elderflower...Read Full Story

Postmodern Winemaking: Rethinking the Modern Science of an Ancient Craft (Book Review)

Clark Smith is a well-known figure in California winemaking circles. In the early 1990s he patented the use of reverse osmosis coupled with distillation for reducing alcohol levels in wine. This is one of the services his consulting company, Vinovation, offered winemakers, with microoxygenation being another. Smith le Vinovation...Read Full Story

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