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Climate-Positive Pea Gin (News & Features)

The Arbikie Estate is a 2,000-acre farm in Angus, on the east coast of Scotland. Since five years ago, when siblings John, Iain and David Stirling built a distillery in an old barn on the property, their mission has been...Read Full Story

A Modern Somm Movie (News & Features)

{image_1}Uncorked, a film from Netflix, breaks new ground in the sommelier-film genre by telling the story from the eyes of a black protagonist, and with a hip-hop soundtrack. Elijah Bruener (played by Mamoudou Athie), who works at a wine shop in Memphis, Tennessee, wants to go...Read Full Story

Vin Méthode Nature (News & Features)

This is a key evolution for a growing segment of the wine industry. The use of the word naturel (natural) has been forbidden by current European legislation and has led to prosecution (the only exception being the grandfathered Vin Doux Naturel, a designation for sweet wines). As...Read Full Story

Sustainable Shipping: Liviri Vino (News & Features)

Liviri, a division of Otter Products (the makers of OtterBox phone cases), has launched Liviri Vino, a reusable wine bottle shipper. Available in 4-...Read Full Story

Beyond Green (News & Features)

Ed. Note: This article appears in our April print edition, published in mid-February, when the restaurant industry looked very different than it does today. And while the team behind Rhodora continues its mission to the best of its ability, New York City has shuttered all dining rooms in response...Read Full Story

The Goods from W&S February 2020 (News & Features)

{image_1} Sommelier Chocolate Neuhaus chocolates has released a range of six chocolate pralines designed to pair with wine. The Belgian company enlisted Sarah Thomas of Le Bernardin<...Read Full Story

Vines in a Changing Climate (News & Features)

{image_2}When I poured a taste for José Vouillamoz, the Swiss grape geneticist and co-author of Wine Grapes, with Julia Harding, MW, and Jancis Robinson, MW, he apologized to me for having opened his only bottle of diolle on the previous night. Vouillamoz had spoken at the...Read Full Story

Atlas Unplugged (News & Features)

{image_1}This latest edition includes 20 new maps, as well as expanded coverage of the Middle East, parts of North and South America, Oceania and China. Who, ultimately, decides how space is allocated in the Atlas? When we settle down to do a new edition, we...Read Full Story

Back Bar Confidential (News & Features)

“I was tending bar, and I quickly and clearly realized it wasn’t a healthy environment to be in,” says Laura Green, a licensed mental-health counselor who recently gave a seminar on alcohol and moderation at Bar Convent, a...Read Full Story

A Different Glass of Mexican Wine (News & Features)

{image_1} While Bichi has generated the most interest in the US, they’re just one part of a growing community of enólogos defining the terroir of the desert southwest in Baja California. Drive from the border town of Tecate to Ensenada on the Pacific Ocean and...Read Full Story

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