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Antler Room (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Talented chefs all too frequently leave Kansas City; increasingly, they return home soon thereafter. Nick and Leslie Goellner hit the culinary trail, working in New York, San Francisco and even Copenhagen, at Noma. They came home last fall, opening the

Underdog Wine Co. (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Kansas City retailer Ryan Sciara established the Cellar Rat as a big player in the local retail wine scene even though it's a smaller place than any of its many competitors. Sciara's new home, Underdog Wine Company, is even tinier. Perched in the nearly century-old Crestwood Shops, south of...Read Full Story

Kazimierz (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

It wasn't that long ago that horse rails lined the streets in Old Town Scottsdale, so a restaurant called Cowboy Ciao was hardly out of place. But now owner Peter Kesperski has opened Kazimierz, which shares with Cowboy Ciao one of the most...Read Full Story

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