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The Mystery of Plat 211 (News & Features)

In the 1990s, a twenty-something Clemens assumed control of his family’s 12 acres, while also managing vineyards for the distinguished Piesport grower Theo Haart, who had recently purchased parcels in the Ohligsberg. “I got to be good friends with a fellow who was also a passionate wine drinker,” relates...Read Full Story

Red Light (News & Features)

In his cellar near the shores of eastern Austria’s Neusiedlersee, Gernot Heinrich dipped his thief into a wine barrel and drew out something luminously geranium red. Redolent of roses and heliotrope, orange and grapefruit rinds, it felt rich, yet was brightly refreshing. Black-tea smokiness, salinity and peppery bite...Read Full Story

Almost Red (News & Features)

When was the last time you drank a red wine? The question is hardly ridiculous if you consider that what we call “red wines” are nearly all, in fact, deep purple in their youth, and that a “more is-better” mentality has lately dictated the darker the better. {image_1} Historically,...Read Full Story

A Lighter Shade of Pinot (News & Features)

David Schildknecht on rosé{image_3} Pinot noir was established here well before the postphylloxera incursion of sauvignon (which has a longer history, as “blanc fumé,” across the river in Pouilly), and today most Sancerrois growers make rosé, if offhandedly. Grab a glass from Gérard Boulay, François or...Read Full Story

The Price of Value (News & Features)

“Would I have happily paid much more for this wine?” Answer yes, and you have just defined “good value.”{image_1}A pretty reliable rule for discovering wine value is: find a top-notch producer in an underappreciated region or appellation. But why does this rule hold? Consider two prime French...Read Full Story

Ebullient Efforts (News & Features)

Regions closely associated with sparkling wine typically market it as a commodity, and too often their very success stymies growers who aspire to wines of distinction. This dilemma is nowhere more evident than in Germany and Austria, where Sekt is a cultural institution, but relies mostly on industrial-scale bulk...Read Full Story

Riesling's Higher Ground (News & Features)

In light of the Paris 2015 UN Climate Change Conference taking place from November 30 to December 11, and its goal of reaching a universal agreement on climate from all nations, we're taking a look back at climate-focused articles from the pages of the magazine. Traveling Europe's German-speaking riesling regions,...Read Full Story

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