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WSET’s Raising Spirits Campaign (News & Features)

{image_1}The Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) has launched their Raising Spirits campaign, supporting education in the drinks industry during the COVID-19 crisis. WSET will be covering the cost of the Level I Award in Spirits for at least 5,000 members of the hospitality industry in the US, aiming to...Read Full Story

Sonoma County Vintners Foundation Funnels $1.2 Million into Community Aid Programs (News & Features)

{image_1}Sonoma County Vintners Foundation (SCVF), based in Santa Rosa, has tapped into its emergency relief fund in addition to its annual community grants to assist the local community amid the COVID-19 crisis. The foundation released an initial $145,000 to aid...Read Full Story

Napa Valley Vintners Offers Library Wines Online (News & Features)

Forced to close tasting rooms due to COVID-19, more than 150 members of the Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) will offer library wines for sale online. The wines will only be available for March 30 and 31 and the sale will be conducted through the Read Full Story

Drinking Alone, Together: Tina Vaughn (News & Features)

I am being brought back to memories of our first restaurant in Kitty Hawk, NC. This isolation and burden on all of us reminds me of the first naive year that Chip and I opened our little spot, in a strip mall, $37 left in the bank, a wish and...Read Full Story

How to Help (News & Features)

DONATE ...to out-of-work bartenders: United States Bartenders' Guild's Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. ...and to out-of-work somms: The United Sommeliers Foundation. ...to unemployed restaurant staff: The Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation Read Full Story

Distilleries Pivot to Hand Sanitizer (News & Features)

According to the CDC, sanitizers need to contain at least 60 percent alcohol by volume in order to be effective. This is a higher percentage than you’d find in vodka, whiskey and other spirits. But the first runs of distillation—material left out of the final product—clock in...Read Full Story

A Letter from Rhodora Co-Owner Halley Chambers (News & Features)

{image_1} Community spaces—to say nothing of restaurants—look vastly different now than at the time this article was researched. One week ago today [March 23], we were forced to shut down our normal operations, and to let...Read Full Story

Willamette United (News & Features)

{image_1}The Willamette Valley Wineries Association has brought its members together in response to the COVID-19 crisis, creating a gathering point for the wine community they serve. The WVWA has built a single omnibus website accessed here (or searchable on...Read Full Story

Chef's Call to Action (News & Features)

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Drinking Alone, Together: Haley Guild Moore (News & Features)

{image_1}I spent last weekend watching some of the greatest restaurants in the world choose to cease operations. The truth was inevitable, but it didn't make the reality any less painful. Yesterday was an incredibly tough day. In a matter of minutes it became clear that we would have...Read Full Story

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