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Atlas Unplugged (News & Features)

{image_1}This latest edition includes 20 new maps, as well as expanded coverage of the Middle East, parts of North and South America, Oceania and China. Who, ultimately, decides how space is allocated in the Atlas? When we settle down to do a new edition, we...Read Full Story

Panelist Profile: Ignacio "Nacho" Monclús (News & Features)

{image_1} EARLY START Monclús has had an independent streak since his teens, when, growing up in Huesca, Spain, he studied the little-spoken Pyrenean language Aragonés instead of English. Later, at university, Monclús was studying advertising and PR in Segovia, just north of Madrid, when he stumbled...Read Full Story

Panelist Profile: Jonathan Eichholz (News & Features)

In this installment of our "Panelist Profile” series, we sat down with Jonathan Eichholz, who has tasted with us since January 2018 after moving to New York to work at Aquavit. Now that he works at Read Full Story

Five New Master Sommeliers Join the Court (News & Features)

{image_1}The group marked a number of firsts for the Court: Schroeder became Germany’s first female Master Sommelier, Manolev MS is the first Bulgarian to achieve the distinction and Toru Takamatsu is Japan’s first, and, at age 24, among the youngest outside the Americas to earn the diploma. ...Read Full Story

Chill Out (News & Features)

{image_1}When it comes to keeping your wine chilled, Vinglacé looks a sight more elegant than stuffing ice into a gallon-sized Ziploc before a picnic date. The sleek, insulated stainless-steel container fits most standard-size bottles without adding too much bulk, and holds a bottle at a consistent temperature for...Read Full Story

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