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A last hurrah for California foie fans (News & Features)

{image_1}For those who reside closer to the Atlantic than the Pacific and may be unaware of the fate that has befallen foie gras in sunny California, this may come as a surprise: July 1st marks the official start of the state-wide ban. The story begins about eight years...Read Full Story

Everyone loves a good hologram (News & Features)

On Wednesday, December 7th, chef de cave Richard Geoffroy made a global declaration of the 2003 vintage for the house of Dom Pérignon. As hokey and embellished as the event promised to be (Geoffroy was to appear live via hologram in major cities worldwide), the geek factor was high,...Read Full Story

Puro Kristančič (News & Features)

I first met Movia’s Aleš Kristančič at our Top of the List event in New York this past May, where he joined us for a seminar on natural wines with Puro, an almost electric-tasting sparkling wine that he bottles with the lees intact. It’s...Read Full Story

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