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Damn the Weather (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood is undergoing a renaissance headlined, in large part, by Damn the Weather, Bryn Lumsden’s new bar/restaurant. Before opening this pared-down, industry-friendly space, Lumsden managed Belltown’s Rob Roy. Now Lumsden works alongside a handful of bartending all-stars, including...Read Full Story

Trove (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Seattleites stalked the opening of Trove for months. This is the latest project from local stars Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi, the two best known for the Korean-inspired food they put out at Revel and Joule. At Trove, they’ve packed...Read Full Story

The London Plane (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

At Matt Dillon's London Plane, you'll find fine Spanish ham, house pickles and mozzarella di bufala with flaked sea salt on offer (seek out anything with the restaurant's bread, a naturally leavened sour loaf with a crackly, deeply browned crust). But you've come to this sunny, bright corner in...Read Full Story

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