Winery to Watch 2017

France: Domaine Costal

You may know Kermit Lynch as the importer for Domaine Raveneau, one of the most sought after wines in Burgundy that just happens to be Chablis. You may not have heard of Domaine Costal, a collaboration Lynch began in 2005 with Chablis producer Domaine Jean-Collet. They started with Les Truffières, a three-acre parcel in Villy, offering a fresh, saline Chablis fermented and aged in stainless steel. Since then, they have added two premier cru wines, from Vaillons, where the Collets farm 23.7 acres, and a small-production bottling from Mont de Milieu, working together on blending and élévage. The 2014 Vaillons is a beauty, crunchy with apple and mineral depths of flavor to match oysters.

Imported by Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant, Berkeley, CA.