Wineries to Watch 2016

South Africa: Duncan Savage
by Josh Greene
This winery to watch was featured in W&S's Winter 2016 issue.

Duncan Savage (left)

Duncan Savage was the winemaker at Cape Point when he started his own label in 2011, focusing on small parcels of vines with strong coastal influence or from high-altitude sites. His Savage Red from 2013 caught our attention earlier this year. It’s a blend of syrah (67 percent) with grenache, cinsaut and touriga nacional, a formidable wine that captures the distinctive savor of Cape grapes and transforms what is often presented as rusticity (or, sometimes, ashen bitterness) into elegant notes of saddle leather. The wine feels cool and fresh, bold, then tight, a refreshing take on the Cape. This spring, Savage left his day job with the goal to build his production; watch for more iterations of Cape fruit to come.

Imported by Broadbent Selections, San Francisco, CA.

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