Winery to Watch 2012

Alexander Valley, California: Captûre

In 2008, Mike and Carol Foster and Ben and Tara Sharp nabbed Denis Malbec as the winemaker for their nascent Captûre label. Malbec, like his father before him, served as cellarmaster at Château Latour. He had moved to California in 2000, in search of a project he could call his own. Malbec was particularly enticed by the vineyard that the partnership had acquired: Tin Cross, with 240 acres rising from1,600 to 2,500 feet above Alexander Valley in what’s now the Pine Mountain–Cloverdale Peak appellation. The winery’s first commercial vintage was 2009, and the organically farmed vineyard’s plentiful sunshine and well-drained mountain soils, along with the cooling effect of elevation andMalbec’s gentle treatment of the grapes, are already resulting in aromatic cabernet andmerlot-based blends with impeccable finesse and significant aging potential.