Red Discovery

93 | De Martino

Price: $17
Grape Varietal: Shiraz/Syrah
Region/Appellation: Chile
Imported by Opici Wines, Glen Rock, NJ

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2013 Choapa Valley Legado Reserva Syrah (Best Buy) In the midst of the Andes, around 180 miles north of Santiago, Choapa is a remote and isolated area for growing grapes. Only a few producers are working in its arid conditions, including De Martino. In 2013, winemaker Marcelo Retamal produced a delicious syrah from the region, full of red fruit and earthy notes. Despite the strength of Choapa's sun, the wine's flavors are clear and refreshing, rich in acidity and subtly smoky, as is typical in syrah from the north. —Patricio Tapia

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