Spirits Review

Ron Navazos-Palazzi Cask Strength Rum

While on a trip sourcing Sherry for their Navazos-Palazzi line, Jesús Barquín of Equipo Navazos and importer Nicolas Palazzi stumbled onto something quite unusual in one producer’s bodega: casks of five-year-old molasses rum from the Antilles that had been sent as payment. The rum had been placed into freshly emptied Oloroso butts, where it sat for an additional ten years. The accidental time in barrels yielded something beautiful: a spirit that has integrated each part of its lineage in flavors that are equal parts savory and sweet, earthy and fl oral. Dark walnut, quince and spice notes meet candy cap mushrooms and caramelized roast meat for a rum that drinks like a banquet.

Reviewed in W&S October 2014.