Spirits Review

Cynar 70

It’s not often that you see a dusty denizen of the back bar—especially one as niche as this classic artichoke-infused amaro—given a high-profile reboot. The numeral in the spirit’s name refers to its proof, which is more than double the original Cynar’s 33. A higher alcohol content allows a spirit to carry more flavor, which Cynar 70 joyfully does. Whereas the original Cynar has a puckering, bitter crackle, Cynar 70 allows deeper, darker, sweeter notes to emerge, reminiscent of coffee and dark chocolate gilded with orange peel and cinnamon. After a silky crescendo of complex flavor, it glides into a characteristically bitter, but not puckering finish. The original Cynar is a great mixer, but creamy Cynar 70 can stand on its own. All you other amaros, watch out.

Reviewed in W&S Winter 2016.

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