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Campo de Encanto Barkeep’s Whimsy Pisco

An eternally underrated spirit, pisco’s fortunes have been limited by a perceived lack of applications. None of its cocktails are casual a airs like a gin-and-tonic or a Margarita. That may change with Barkeep’s Whimsy Pisco. Much like the Plantation rum described below, Campo de Encanto has incorporated the input of bartenders to create this blend. After years of bringing bartenders to Peru to involve them in the distilling process, Duggan McDonnell and his team at Encanto have found that bartenders tend to be attracted to the fl oral high tones
of the torontel grape. Barkeep’s Whimsy is therefore a torontel-heavy blend with an expressive, lush floral perfume that weaves itself beautifully into cocktails in a way similar to gin. While some floral piscos can be excessively light in body, Barkeep’s Whimsy maintains a full, rounded texture, giving it the weight to anchor spirituous cocktails or even to be a satisfying sipper on its own, served over ice, no lemon twist needed.

Reviewed in W&S Winter 2016.

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