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Here's Looking At You (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Mary Thompson at Pot and Commissary in the Line Hotel, LA, on Wine for Veg-Centric Menus (Restaurant Poll)

You have a constraint on your wine list. Well, yes, most of our menu is dominated by vegetables, and all of them are local bounty, so while there are some international wines, our by-the-glass wines and most of our bottles are local. We’re talking mostly Santa...Read Full Interview

In Search of Mataro (News & Features)

Andrew Fortgang of Le Pigeon in Portland, Oregon on Underappreciated Classics (Restaurant Poll)

You have a fairly adventurous menu at Le Pigeon. Are people looking for adventure when they’re looking at your wine list? We definitely have a lot of guests that are looking for something different, and they expect that with us. They’re not necessarily wanting to...Read Full Interview

Kali (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Esters Wine Shop & Bar (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Otium (Restaurant/Bar/Retail Reviews)

Ben Teig of Redbird in Los Angeles on wine for millennials and pulling for syrah (Restaurant Poll)

The Millennial Effect There’s much more willingness to go outside box. It makes it fun for us wine geeks. Natural wines, orange wines: they have a huge presence in marketplace now. Generally people are asking more and more for different varieties, not traditional varieties. Most of...Read Full Interview

Henry Beylin of Gjelina in Venice Beach, CA on Wacky Wines and Importing Direct (Restaurant Poll)

Wacky Grapes It seems like we’re able to sell wackier and wackier grapes. So many people are willing to try any wine as long it’s clean, crisp, mineral. Riesling sales are the best ever. And we’ll always sell syrah. And we actually have two...Read Full Interview

Kurt Heilemann of Davenport in Portland, OR on Nerello Mascalese vs Pinot Noir (Restaurant Poll)

Advantages of Age With our wine program we take sort of a messy desk approach. It looks like chaos, but since I’m never not here, I’m the only one that can ever find anything. We sort of have three wine lists. There’s the normal...Read Full Interview

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