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Matty Colston of Chicago’s Parachute on Roads Less Traveled (Restaurant Poll)

How on earth did the Pilizota Plavina from Croatia end up as one of your top-selling wines? I would definitely put Croatian wine in the curiosity of many. People see it; it stands out. I don’t think people fully understand the Croatian coast. The Dalmatian coast...Read Full Interview

Chuck Bussler of Honolulu’s Fête on the Perks of Island Life and Drinking the Color Spectrum (Restaurant Poll)

Lagrein and ruché among the bestsellers I’m on the floor every day, working six nights a week and lunches. I think that, if our staff wasn’t as knowledgeable, and if I weren’t on the floor, stuff like that wouldn’t move. But having a...Read Full Interview

Terri Baldwin of NJ’s The Bernards Inn on the Rosé Craze and Off-Vintage Napa Cab (Restaurant Poll)

What’s the most noticeable trend affecting wine sales to your New Jersey-based clientele right now? People are still going crazy over rosé. It’s male and female, and a lot of males are coming in and drinking rosé by the glass. We actually have four of...Read Full Interview

Carrie Omegna of Seattle’s The Walrus and the Carpenter on Well-Aged Muscadet and Fresh Cabernet Franc Blanc (Restaurant Poll)

High-end Sparklers At The Walrus we are five years old now and the patterns are pretty well established. We sell a lot of wines by the glass and by the pichet [pitcher] as well. Our glass and pichet sales far out struck the bottles but...Read Full Interview

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