Shopper's Guide


Subscribers to Wine & Spirits Magazine also receive access to our Shopper's Guides - easy-to-read, comprehensive, printable lists of the wines we've tasted for our panel tastings and the scores they've received, organized by grape variety and region. The Shopper's Guide is an essential tool for your next trip to your favorite wine store, so check out a sample Guide below.


The Shopper's Guide - A Sample

Here's a sample of how our Shopper's Guide works. All wines tasted by the magazine are listed by category. Those wines recommended by our screening panels are in bold face. Those wines recommended by our panels and rated by our critics are followed by their numerical scores. In addition, "GV" (for good value) or "EV" (exceptional value) indicate affordable wines recommended for their price/quality ratio. The number in parentheses at the end of each listing is the date of the issue for which the wine was tasted (for instance (08/04) would be the August 2004 issue).

Featured Shopper's Guide: