EDITOR'S NOTE - Your table is ready.

      Come all you nerds of wine, philosophers of Brett, knights of native yeast, come join us at the tables of the Best New Sommeliers of 2011.
      Yes, this is our issue to geek out, to revel in the crisp reds Raúl Pérez is making in Galicia and to drive with him and Patricio Tapia through Spain's coastal hills inland to Bierzo. This is our issue to match Chablis with grilled lamb—bridged by David Rosengarten with the assist of an older grand cru and a bit of avgolemono sauce.
      It's our opportunity to present the most exciting new wine and food destinations in San Francisco and its sister cities surrounding the Bay—along with five of the most dynamic new bars for the sophisticated cocktail geeks among us.
      And it's our moment to celebrate the young, enthusiastic restaurateurs who have committed themselves to making the wine at dinner as much a pleasure as the food—in fact, to making them better, together. Sommeliers were once an afterthought or an affectation at restaurants here in the States. Today, they can be critical assets to the team. Their wine selections can be as much of a home run as what the chef prepares for the plate. Our five Best New Sommeliers of 2011 bring that kind of creative energy to their work. And they are likely to rise to the top: We're pleased to announce that the Court of Master Sommeliers now includes three members of our BNS 2009 team: Jason Heller, MS, Dustin Wilson, MS and now Michaël Engelmann, MS. This year’s Best New Sommeliers look to be just as promising.