Editor's Note:
Memories of the Year in Wine


Fined & Filtered
Luke Sykora on Napa's 2010 vintage

Acid Trips
Stuart Pigott considers Germany's competition in nervy, acidic rieslings.

The Great Whiskey Shortage of 2013
Erik Tennyson on the wake of Bourbon's rocket-like ascent to fame.

Lou Bustamante on new Bourbons

Gadgets and Gifts
What to buy the wine lover who has everything already.

New Destinations
for great food & wine across the country

Wine & Spirits Top 100
Photos from W&S's San Francisco tasting event of the year.


Year's Best

  • Champagne
  • US Sparkling Wine
  • US Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Alsace
  • German Riesling
  • Barolo & Barbaresco
  • Rioja

New Releases

  • The Best for $10 or Less
  • 2011 Vintage Port
  • US New Releases
  • International New Releases


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Douro, No Apologies
Josh Greene describes why, in fact, 2011 Vintage Port lives up to the hyperbole.

Where to Eat & Drink in Seattle
Allison Austin Scheff takes stock of the rapidly changing Seattle wine scene, highlighting the most exciting new restaurants around town.

Barolo & Formaggio
At San Francisco's Acquerello, the cheese cart is as carefully curated as the Barolo list. Luke Sykora reports on what happens when the two meet.

Walla Walla Cabernet
Growers in eastern Washington's prime cabernet country continue to unearth new ground for great wines. Patrick J. Comiskey reports on the evolution of a distinctly American terroir.