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Chardonnay above the clouds


Fined & Filtered
Sommeliers Take the Mic by Zachary Sussman

Spirits: Bartender-Distillers
by Lou Bustamante

Somm Gaffs
Lesser-known hazards of a sommelier occupation


Year's Best

  • US Chardonnay
  • Red Burgundy
  • Australian Shiraz
  • Bierzo & Galician Reds
  • Sherry

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New & Noteworthy Bay Area Restaurants
The latest on where to eat and drink in San Francisco, Oakland and wine country.

Finger Lakes Road Trip
Adrian Murcia visits the hottest producers in New York's cool riesling zone.

The Heights of Terroir
Andrew Braithwaite and Luke Sykora consider the altitude factor in compelling California chardonnay.

Best New Sommeliers 2013
The most talented, energetic, thoughtful new sommeliers on the floor today.