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Summer Refreshment


Fined & Filtered
The Seven Percenters
by Elaine Chukan Brown

Spirits: Rum & Ginger Beer
by Lou Bustamante

Last Sip
Outtakes from Wine & Spirits Top of the List event in New York City, starring the Most Popular Wines on restaurant wine lists and a who's who of wine world stars.


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  • Alto Adige/Friuli
  • Vinho Verde/Albariño
  • US Riesling
  • Rosés
  • Greece

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Wine Country Roots
If you think big shiraz when you think South Australia, get to know some locals. David Brookes looks at what Australians really eat and drink, exposing a vibrant town with close ties to the wine country that surrounds it.

Local Bounty
The riches of Portland's wine country, celebrated and foraged by the city's top chefs—profiled by Kerry Newberry—and satirized by Katherine Cole in the lost scripts of "Vinlandia."

Fast Slow Food
Philipp Blom relaxes at Vienna's heurigen, which o er more than a cellar door and less than a restaurant.

Wine Tracks
Paz Levinson traces the pre- Columbian canals that turned the desert of Mendoza green with vines.