October 2005


October 2005

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  Drinks: Cognac Cocktails
by David Wondrich

Czeched Bag, by Bill St. John

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In This Issue:

  Wine & Spirits' Best New Sommeliers
Our 3rd Annual Sommelier Poll names the five most promising new sommeliers working in America today. Tara Q. Thomas profiles the winners.

  Learning from the Masters
Jordan Mackay tours the ivy league of sommelier education, the restaurants where a new generation of young talent seek out the masters.

 Age Before Beauty
Do old vines produce better wines? Patrick Comiskey asks the stewards of some of California's most ancient vineyards and the scientists who tend to young vines. Plus: Our correspondents report on venerable vineyards around the world.

 Zin of the Fathers
Rod Smith reports on one heritage zin selection, from 120-year-old vines at the St. Peter's Churchyard, that's quickly spreading into California's prime zin estates.

 Mendoza Malbec
Mendoza's 19th-century vineyards laid the groundwork for its current crop of vibrant, powerful malbecs. Patricio Tapia investigates this distinctive Argentine red.