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Where will you go this summer? Perhaps you'll be pounding Cava at a disco in Barcelona, or sipping rosé on your patio in Arles. Even if you don't go anywhere, a good summer white can change your mood and take you to another place. It works for us in our tastings. Maybe it's the freshness of the acidity, or the clarity of the flavors that brighten a memory. One way or another, when we taste these wines at the magazine offices, some of them take us far away.

A good assyrtiko gets Tara Q. Thomas thinking about fresh octopodi, her feet in the sands of Santorini (p. 59), just as quickly as a good Vinho Verde (p. 58) gets me thinking about grilled sardinhas on the beach in Foz. They're souvenirs of another place, evocative of the sun, the wind and the rain, and they're great with the foods of summer.

Check out a brisk pinot gris from Oregon or California (p. 66) with grilled salmon. Or a steely sauvignon blanc (p. 54) with soft shell crab. Pour a Cava (p. 52) with fried calamares. Or a Tocai Friulano (p. 56) with prosciutto and melon. You'll find a wide range of top-flight whites in our tastings section this month, all selected through our two-step, blind tastings. Andre Mack of Per Se helped us pick some of the Friulian white blends, Bruno Baglin of Foreign Cinema voiced an opinion on the California sauvignons, and Geoff Kruth of Balthazar ruled on Vinho Verde from Portugal just a few of the thirty-two sommeliers and retail buyers who joined our panels for the August issue. Their expertise is reflected in the initial selections; the ratings and reviews are the direct opinion of the individual W&S critic who then tasted and scored those selections.

For a complete description of how we conduct our tastings at Wine & Spirits, please turn to page 53. As a subscriber, you can find shopper's guides to all the wines tasted in specific categories on our website.