American Cabernet Sauvignon
Tasted: 261 I Reviewed: 84
Tasted: 191 I Reviewed: 107
2000 Bordeaux
Tasted: 167 I Reviewed: 81
Barolo & Barbaresco
Tasted: 67 I Reviewed: 35
German Riesling
Tasted: 226 I Reviewed: 79
American New Releases
Tasted: 280 I Reviewed: 92
Imported New Releases
Tasted: 436 I Reviewed: 137
Tasted: 1,628 I Reviewed: 615

If you're looking for a present for any wine-loving friend this December, look no further than our tasting section, bursting with holiday bubbly and collectible reds. You'll be welcome at any holiday party with a bottle of Champagne under your arm, and you can tune your choice to your friends' taste with our house-by-house recommendations (p. 89).

Any collectors on your holiday gift list would be pleased with some of the top-scoring cabernets of the year (p. 80). And none would scoff at a bottle of 2000 Bordeaux, considered by many to be one of the most collectible vintages in years (p.100).

For Italian aficionados, there are a series of great vintages from Barolo and Barbaresco (p. 106), and a range of powerful Amarones della Valpolicella (p. 123). Serve those at the end of your holiday feast, or choose one of the 2001 Vintage Ports (p. 124), just off the boat and loaded with flavor. Or, for a lighter wine with your fruit and cheese, there are some great Rieslings from the Mosel, Rheingau and beyond (p. 109).

For complete stats on this issue's tasting section, see our table of contents (p. 8). And for an overview of how we taste, always blind, in our offices, with outside panelists to recommend the wines and inside critics to provide the perspective, ratings and reviews, please turn to page 107.