Fall 2000

In This Issue:

An Ocean Of Choices

In which our narrator finds himself cast as wine expert for his brother's upcoming wedding. Andrea Immer, of Starwood Hotel Resorts, provides some Straight Talk about Taste.

Red Shift

Accosted on the subject of red wine by wine-innocent in-laws, our narrator acquits himself with brio and style, taking Best Cellar's cofounder Joshua Wesson's suggestion to Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide.

Home is Where the Chardonnay Is

Our narrator waxes philosophical on the nature of America's favorite white wine grape, but is brought back to earth by some pointed questions from his wife. Cuvaison's John Thatcher and Peter Michael Winery's Venessa Wong consider Vineyard Designation vs. Estate Wine.

The Perfect Gift

The tangled web of giving the boss a bottle of wine: Our narrator rises to the occasion. Michael Doodan, MW, of 20th Century Fox, examines the nature of cabernet sauvignon.

The Fine Art of the Bachelor Party

Undaunted, our narrator plans a party so profound that his brother will actually forget, for an evening, the approach of matrimony. Chef Rick Moonen and Sommelier Paul McLaughlin of Manhattan's Oceana give guidance on the subtleties of wine and seafood After which, the narrator and his guests take time for a brief interlude involving Vintage Port.

Guide to Understanding Wine

The Story: Our narrator, a humble whineophile, is called upon to provide wine advice for a clutch of familiar social situations, learning along the way that style may be the key to understanding wine.

A Date With Reisling

The worst-and best-date in our narrators young life. With Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard and Johannes Selbach of Weingut Selbach-Oster in praise of Riesling's seductive powers. Not to mention that, according to Mr. Grahm, Reisling Can Save Your Life.

Lighting Out for the Terroir

Realizing that he's running out of time, our narrator quickly convenes a lively syrah-tasting party. Michael Chapoutier provides Rhone insights into the elusive quality known as terroir.

Planning a Grand Finale

Outmaneuvered by his own mother, our narrator must organize a rehearsal dinner, a Tuscan feast of grand proportion. He turns to Paul Bertolli of Oakland's Oliveto for insight into the nature of all things Tuscan.

A Sparkling Sonoma

A wedding takes place; the Champagne is uncorked; a toast is raised to all. And finally, the editors of Wine & Spirits provide a sensible method to select Wine for Weddings: pleasing all parties concerned.

Sumptuous Rhône Whites

Rhône whites are some of France's sexiest wines. Tara Q. Thomas travels from Condrieu to Avignon to find out how the French enjoy them with food.


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Basic Wine Styles
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