August 2000

In This Issue:

The Grower Did It

America's greatest indigenous grape? Rod Smith chronicles some Dry Creek Valley detective work, as winemakers try to untangle zinfandel's twisted roots.

A Family Affair

Winemaking isn't the only tradition in the Sonoma Valley. Ray Isle tracks down some of the region's best artisanal cheeses and gets a few wine-pairing hints from their makers.

Le Marche

Le Marche's back roads offer villages and vineyards alike. Join Tom Maresca and Diane Darrow for a palate-seducing tour of this oft-overlooked region.

Some Like It Hot

The siroccos are fierce and Mt. Etna occasionally blows its top, but what's hottest in Sicily these days are the wines. David Lynch gets the story from some of the island's best new producers.

Bricks, Bytes and Bottles

Ray Isle unplugs the modem and interviews two of the country's top bricks-and-mortar retailers

Wine Online

Taylor Antrim hits the internet for a rundown of the e-wine world.

First Catch Your Fish

Summer means that whiff of ocean in the air, a glass of cold rose in hand. Tara Q. Thomas hauls in a catch of recipes and wines from Provence and Greece.

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