June 1999

In This Issue:

Value Wines of the Year

Joshua Greene and Tara Q. Thomas profile the most consistent performers at $10 and under.

Tasting on the Cheap

Wine tastings aren't all snooty, high-priced affairs: W&S visits 10 cities nationwide for a roundup of fun and affordable chances to taste new wines.

Vodka Variations

Don't all vodkas taste the same? David Lynch corrals all the top vodkas for a head-to-head comparison, and investigates whether all the fancy talk on the bottles translates into noticeable distinctions among brands. Harriet Lembeck reports on the W&S panel tasting results.

Three Faces of Merlot

Merlot is more than just a simple, juicy quaffer for everyday drinking. W&S visits the people and places taking merlot to greater heights, in search of the ultimate expression of this widely planted yet mysterious grape.

Valleys In The Sky

The mountains of Napa are ground zero for some of the region's most concentrated and coveted red wines. Rod Smith reports from above the fog line.


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