April 1997

In This Issue:

Of Wood & Wine: Barrel Fermented Chardonnay in California

Rod Smith considers the phenomenal growth of a once artisanal winemaking method.

The Lure of Agave

From pulque in Oaxaca to margaritas in Chicago, Patricia Unterman traces the authentic flavors of agave. Gary Regan leads a tasting of twenty añejos in search of the ultimate margarita and sipping tequilas.

Enoteca: Light Meals & Great Wines in Tuscany

An enoteca regular in Rome, Joyce Goldstein explores the wine bars from Siena to Firenze to bring home great recipes for a Tuscan evening.

Pinot Noir American Style

Restaurateurs can't get enough of the new American pinots. Michael Bonadies follows the evolution of this difficult grape into a delicious New World wine.

Eighth Annual W&S Restaurant Poll

What's hot in America's most popular restaurants? W&S' exclusive survey of the country's best restaurants tracks the most popular brands and varietals, and eight years of restaurant wine trends.


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