Food Recipes

Most of these recipes were featured in the pages of past issues of Wine & Spirits.
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Most Recent Recipes

Gin-Pickled Cucumbers
From "The Modern Preserver" by Kylee Newton
posted on August 22nd, 2016

Shaved Artichoke Salad
Adapted from from Tasting Rome: Fresh Flavors and Forgotten Recipes from an Ancient City.
posted on July 18th, 2016

Appetizer, Meat
Pâté de Sardinha (Sardine Pâté)
Adapted from chef Manuel Azevedo, Tasca Tasca, Sonoma, CA
posted on July 15th, 2016

August Moussaka
Adapted from Marc Provencher, chef/owner, Taverna Khione
posted on July 14th, 2016

Seafood, Vegetables
Grilled Mackerel with eggplant salad (Skoubri me Melitzanosalata)
Adapted from adapted from Thomas Soukakos, chef/owner, Omega Ouzeri
Serves 4.
posted on July 13th, 2016

Pasta & Pizza
Hilopites with Brown Butter
Adapted from William Wright, Executive Chef, Helen Greek Food and Wine
posted on July 12th, 2016

Dessert, Vegetables
Roasted Beets, Almond Dip
Adapted from Food & Beer by Daniel Burns and Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø with Joshua David Stein from Tørst
posted on May 4th, 2016

Asian, Seafood
Big-Eye Tuna Poke with Macadamia Nuts, Seaweed and Soy-Pickled Jalapenos
From Noreetuh
posted on April 15th, 2016

Pasta & Pizza, Vegetables
Krautfleckerl (Pasta with Cabbage and Caraway)
Adapted from Heidi Schröck
posted on January 7th, 2016

Pork with Aszú
Adapted from chef Gábor Soltész, Sárga Borház
posted on January 7th, 2016

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