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posted on August 4, 2017
Selden Standard
review by Eric Vrtis

Evan Hansen credits a glass of Schäfer-Fröhlich 2002 Nahe Riesling for turning him on to wine. He’s found an outlet for his obsession at Selden Standard, opened in late 2014 with chef Andy Hollyday, a three-time James Beard Awards ...Read the full review

posted on July 24, 2017
review by Deanna Gonnella

Precise, seasonally driven food is the name of the game at Villanelle, a new Greenwich Village spot just steps from the Union Square Greenmarket. The unassuming mushroom dish should be called “more mushrooms”—a hunk of meaty portobello suspended in ...Read the full review

posted on June 30, 2017
review by Kerry Newberry

Even if you enter as a natural-wine nonbeliever, you might get religion after a night at Dame. Opened by co-owners Dana Frank (pictured right; formerly of Ava Gene’s) and Jane Smith (The Knock Back), the 37-seat space echoes a ...Read the full review

posted on June 30, 2017
Esker Grove
review by Bill Ward

At Esker Grove in the Walker Art Center, Doug Flicker is creating dishes as noteworthy as the museum’s avant-garde art. Flicker, who previously ran Auriga and Piccolo—which Anthony Bourdain called “the most inspired and inspiring” restaurant in the country ...Read the full review

posted on June 23, 2017
Antler Room
review by Doug Frost, MS, MW

Talented chefs all too frequently leave Kansas City; increasingly, they return home soon thereafter. Nick and Leslie Goellner hit the culinary trail, working in New York, San Francisco and even Copenhagen, at Noma. They came home last fall, opening the Antler ...Read the full review

posted on June 23, 2017
review by Patrick J. Comiskey

At 71Above, you’d be forgiven for looking up from your meal. On the 71st floor of the US Bank Tower, you’re privy to a nearly 360-degree view of LA, from downtown landmarks to the San Gabriel Mountains. The ...Read the full review

posted on May 26, 2017
review by Julia Weinberg

At Torc, husband and wife duo Sean and Cynthia O’Toole offer the truffles and blue-chip wines of a fine-dining destination without the pomp and hush. Come for handmade pastas, locally raised heritage meats, and vegetable sides featuring produce grown ...Read the full review

posted on April 24, 2017
Fowler & Wells
review by Deanna Gonnella

Walk into the atrium of the 1883 Temple Court Building, gaze up at the maze of cast-iron railings topped off by a glass pyramid, and you have arrived: The Beekman Hotel and home to Fowler & Wells, Tom Colicchio’s newest restaurant. It’s dramatic yet charming old-school New York, ...Read the full review

posted on April 24, 2017
Freek’s Mill
review by Tara Q. Thomas

Viewed from Google Maps, it might not look like a promising destination, a no-man’s land of small factories and a fair hike from the nearest subway. But press on. When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by the glow of a wood-burning fire, from which all sorts of ...Read the full review

posted on April 24, 2017
review by Josh Greene

When Tom Colicchio opened Craft in 2001, he moved one block south from Gramercy Tavern, the quintessential NYC dining room and barroom he’d created with Danny Meyer. Craft was his personal launching pad as a star chef ...Read the full review

posted on April 24, 2017
Rouge Tomate
review by Joshua Greene

Pascaline Lepeltier came to New York from France to open Rouge Tomate, a vast paean to healthy dining on 60th Street, just east of Fifth Avenue. During the six years of the restaurant’s life, Lepeltier became a Master Sommelier, and her relationship with healthy dining took on a ...Read the full review

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