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Restaurant Reviews for Middle-Eastern

posted on December 12, 2017
review by Patrick J. Comiskey

Kismet brings an end to the peregrinations of two Sara(h)s, Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson, Brooklyn chefs who emigrated to Los Angeles in 2015 and have been holding Angelenos in thrall, one falafel sandwich at a time, mostly at ...Read the full review

posted on September 29, 2017
review by Luke Sykora

First, ask for two orders of flatbread. Soft, warm and yeasty-rich, with a crisp wheat-bran crust on the bottom, the loaves will disappear alongside an order of the rich, tangy fava-based ful medames. Ful is a transnational dish, a spread prepared in various ways from Lebanon to Egypt. ...Read the full review