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posted on May 26, 2017
review by Elaine Chukan Brown

Chef Curtis di Fede, previously known for his seasonal Italian menu at Oenotri, takes inspiration from Japanese izakaya cuisine at Miminashi in downtown Napa. Ad Hoc alum Jessica Pinzon finds partners for ginger-sausage ...Read the full review

posted on April 24, 2017
review by Tara Q. Thomas

It is rare to find a Japanese restaurant with a wine list as extensive as the sake list, and few can compete with the new Restaurant Row branch of Sushi Seki. It’s the flagship for chef Seki Shi, who developed a following when he took over Sushi Hatsu ...Read the full review

posted on October 13, 2016
Liholiho Yacht Club
review by Barbara Haimes

Liholiho’s welcoming, aloha vibe is pervasive, right down to the rum, pineapple and coconut in the cocktails. But this isn’t your mother’s Hawaiian restaurant: Those drinks are just as likely to include Sherry, amari and bitters. Chef Ravi Kapur, from Hawaii via Boulevard and Prospect, crafts ...Read the full review

posted on April 26, 2016
review by Joshua Greene

Since 1996, this has been the Midtown choice for anyone interested in sake and the izakaya fare to go with it. Go for the seasonal sake specials—if you can find the place, through the anonymous entrance to an office building and down the stairs.

posted on April 15, 2016
review by Caitlin Griffith

There’s a bronzed pineapple atop the tap lines at the bar at Noreetuh, a nod to both the Hawaiian influence and the hospitality at this sleek little restaurant in NYC’s East Village. Run by Chung Chow, a chef raised in Hawaii, alongside Gerald San Jose and Jin ...Read the full review

posted on March 9, 2016
Bar Goto
review by Caitlin Griffith

Tokyo expat Kenta Goto, a longtime fixture behind the bar at Pegu Club, brings a taste of his hometown to this Lower East Side drinking den, his first solo project. The cocktails have a distinctly Asian flavor, employing ingredients ...Read the full review

posted on May 29, 2014
Izakaya Daikaya
review by Kayleigh Kulp

Daikaya may get more press for its Sapporo-style ramen, but Izakaya, the Japanese-style tavern upstairs, is every bit as worthy of a visit. Prepare to stay longer—long enough to check out the cocktails, built to match the boundary-pushing culinary machinations of chef Katsuya Fukushima, a proté ...Read the full review

posted on May 8, 2014
Shalom Japan
review by Zachary Sussman

And as its name makes clear, Williamsburg’s Shalom Japan is equally unconcerned with authenticity. Its playful hybrid of Japanese and Jewish cooking exists entirely as the singular vision of chef-owners Aaron Israel and Sawako Okochi. The drinks program faithfully mimics the model behind plates like okonomiyaki (a fried ...Read the full review

posted on September 17, 2013
Roka Akor
review by Lou Bustamante

The 68-seat bar at this Japanese-inspired robata grill and sushi restaurant is downstairs, and with its dark nooks and dusky walls, it feels a bit like a secretive hideout, an otherworldly space where a glowing block of solid ice sits behind a striking bar, made from a single plank ...Read the full review

posted on July 10, 2013
review by Andrew Braithwaite

You don’t expect to find one of the Bay Area’s best sushi restaurants sharing an office plaza with a state adoptions office, its back patio overlooking a golf course putting green. But Hana is the real deal. “I eat here at least once a week,” says Pax ...Read the full review

posted on May 10, 2013
review by Alan Tardi

Located on a dismal stretch of West 8th Street near 6th Avenue, Neta keeps a low profile; the space is sign-less, with beige curtains covering the windows like camouflage. Inside, Masa alumni Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau have created one of the year’s most exciting dining experiences. It ...Read the full review

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