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Restaurant Reviews for Gastropub

posted on September 29, 2017
The Corner
review by Julia Weinberg

Less than a year old, The Corner opened with a cellar to compete against Napa Valley’s three-star Michelins. Trevor Sheehan runs the wine list, indulging his obsessions with Burgundy, Champagne, old California and whiskey; Dustin Falcon is in the kitchen, ...Read the full review

posted on August 4, 2017
Wright & Company
review by Eric Vrtis

When chef Mark Djozlija and cocktail whiz Dave Kwiatkowski talked about opening a restaurant, they wanted a place for people like themselves, who consider cheese-smothered chips and beer just as viable for dinner as a coursed-out meal with cocktails and wine. They’ve created that place in ...Read the full review

posted on February 16, 2016
The Rongovian Embassy
review by Richard Figiel

There is no country named Rongovia. Nevertheless it has an “embassy,” located, oddly enough, in the middle of New York’s Finger Lakes region. It began as a tavern born and bred in the early 1970s, a famous watering hole of the college crowd from nearby Ithaca, before mellowing ...Read the full review

posted on December 31, 2015
Montréal Plaza
review by Nadia Fournier

Charles Antoine Crête is the enfant terrible of Montreal cuisine. Kicked out of ITHQ, Montreal’s restaurant and hotel school, he was quickly scooped up by Normand Laprise, chef-owner of Toqué, one of the best tables in all Canada. Crête remained there for ten years as head ...Read the full review

posted on December 29, 2015
review by Nadia Fournier

M.Mme—short for Monsieur and Madame—should be open by the time you read this. It’s been one of the most hotly anticipated restaurants in Montreal for months. At the junction of Plateau Mont-Royal, Outremont and Mile-End, three of the most gastronomic neighborhoods in Montreal, the commodious ...Read the full review

posted on May 26, 2015
Bank & Bourbon
review by Margaret Shakespeare

American whiskey is the backbone of Bank & Bourbon, a new bistro in the old Philadelphia Savings Fund Society building in downtown Philadelphia. Bar manager Brian Bevilacqua has gathered some 60 selections, some of which he ages further in the small barrels that line his “whiskey bank.” Many also make ...Read the full review

posted on June 25, 2014
Roofers Union
review by Kayleigh Kulp

It’s easy to find affordable food in Adams Morgan. What’s been harder is finding affordable, excellent food with drinks to match. That is, until Roofers Union opened this spring. The expansive space, with its bare-wood tables and soaring floor-to-ceiling windows, has a casual, beer-garden vibe, reinforced by ...Read the full review

posted on June 5, 2013
Leon’s Full Service
review by Carson Demmond

Leon’s may not have invented Atlanta cocktail culture, but it certainly brought that culture to Decatur—more specifically, to a converted gas station a stone’s throw from Decatur’s square. The brainchild of Mike Gallagher, Tom Moore and Dave Blanchard, the same folks who launched Atlanta’s ...Read the full review

posted on March 11, 2009
Holeman & Finch
review by Krista Reese

With a menu as meaty and masculine as an issue of Field & Stream, Holeman & Finch Public House is also nearly as adventurous. Linton Hopkins heads up this Dixified effort, with small plates (deviled eggs, marrow, a ham sampler) complemented by an array of wines carefully chosen by ...Read the full review

posted on October 29, 2008
Magnolia Gastropub
review by Wolfgang M. Weber

Following the success of his nearby bar, Alembic, Dave McLean turned his eye to his decade-old brewpub on Haight Street, Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery. His new chef, Brandon Jew, has gone decidedly upscale with pub-grub: The shepherd’s pie is topped with bone-marrow butter and the pork cracklings are ...Read the full review