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posted on May 26, 2017
review by Julia Weinberg

Inspired by the late-night dance-and-drink parties at winemaker Abe Schoener’s place, Colleen Fleming and Aubrey Bailey opened Cadet on an alley off First Street in the summer of 2014. It’s since transformed Napa nightlife. Or perhaps more accurately, created ...Read the full review

posted on April 24, 2017
Aldo Sohm Wine Bar
review by Tara Q. Thomas

The best post-theater option for great wine and a quick bite, thanks to Aldo Sohm’s ever-changing, far-ranging by-the-glass selection and the Austrian-accented charcuterie tower.

posted on April 24, 2017
Achilles Heel
review by Zach B. Siegel

This neighborhood bar, from Brooklyn restaurateur Andrew Tarlow, excels in simple pleasures. John Connolly’s wine list favors the rustic and the versatile, shining a light on unheralded French wines, from Aveyron to Vin de France, most well under $100. Chef Lee Desrosiers’ menu, which changes daily, re-imagines the possibilities ...Read the full review

posted on April 20, 2017
City Wine Shop
review by Ben Canaider

A top-end of town wine mecca, sitting opposite Parliament House. Dark-timber paneling, a tiled bar and assured, natural wine service: You could be in France. You could be in Spain. Because Melbourne is a truly international city. Twenty wines by the glass—Germany, Georgia, Australia, Sicily, Burgundy—always changing. ...Read the full review

posted on October 13, 2016
Benjamin Cooper
review by Erik Tennyson

To find Benjamin Cooper, walk through the lobby of the G Hotel off Union Square, up a flight of stairs and through an unmarked black door. Hidden and unassuming, it’s run by SF bar veterans Brian Felley and Mo Hodges, and they clearly know their stuff. The cocktail ...Read the full review

posted on October 13, 2016
review by Erik Tennyson

Ryan Fitzgerald, one of AbV’s three founding partners, is the brand ambassador for Del Maguey and features an impressive range of the brand’s mezcals at this Mission District bar, side by side with a careful Tequila selection. You’ll also find rare Scotches from the likes of ...Read the full review

posted on October 13, 2016
Trick Dog
review by Lou Bustamante

The home base of the Bon Vivants, the cocktail and design firm run by Josh Harris and Scott Baird, Trick Dog is as famous for its menu design and conceptual hijinks as for the cocktails themselves, but the cocktails are what keep the place packed. A recent list took  ...Read the full review

posted on September 21, 2016
Salt & Vine
review by Erin Byers Murray

Washed in white tiles and blond woods, Salt & Vine is a spacious all-day hangout with an artisanal food market and espresso bar up front, a dining room in the middle with communal tables, and a wine bar and tasting room in the back. At night, the cheese boards ...Read the full review

posted on July 22, 2016
The Commodore
review by Bill Ward

It opened in 1920 as a speakeasy, and closed after an explosion in 1978. Now The Commodore is back, providing a superlative setting to get your F. Scott and Zelda on. The elegantly refurbished Art Deco rooms would make its heyday’s habitués, from the Fitzgeralds (who lived blocks away) ...Read the full review

posted on July 11, 2016
Bar Isabel & Bar Raval
review by John Szabo, MS

Reservations have been hard to come by since Grant van Gameren’s Barcelona taberna–inspired Bar Isabel opened in March 2013. It has managed to sustain excitement and loyalty among Toronto’s foodies with an elemental recipe of outstanding food (including classic platos like whole roasted octopus and Basque seafood ...Read the full review

posted on July 6, 2016
Midfield Wine Bar
review by John Szabo, MS

In Little Portugal, Midfield Wine Bar is the other west-end destination for sommeliers prowling on their nights off (you’ll often see the Archive staff there). Launched in 2012, the wine bar got off to a slow start, ...Read the full review

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