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Restaurant Reviews for Asian Fusion

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posted on April 24, 2017
Fung Tu
review by Tara Q. Thomas

Wilson Tang is the scion of Nom Wah, the long-running Chinatown tea parlor, and Fung Tu is his playground to explore the idea of “Chinese-American.” Chef Jonathan Wu creates brilliant, exciting collisions like ‘nduja spiced with Sichuan peppercorns or steamed buns with sweet potato stuffing. General manager Sophie Maarleveld ...Read the full review

posted on April 16, 2017
Vic Asia
review by Ben Canaider

This Chinesesque restaurant sits just between the CBD and the Bay, in refined Albert Park. Run in a very handson manner by vinophile Ken Yuen, the tastefully decorated, long, thin dining room is never without at least a couple of winemakers, wine salespeople, wine importers, wine auctioneers or wine ...Read the full review

posted on April 15, 2016
review by Caitlin Griffith

There’s a bronzed pineapple atop the tap lines at the bar at Noreetuh, a nod to both the Hawaiian influence and the hospitality at this sleek little restaurant in NYC’s East Village. Run by Chung Chow, a chef raised in Hawaii, alongside Gerald San Jose and Jin ...Read the full review

posted on April 12, 2016
Mission Chinese
review by Caitlin Griffith

The new version of Mission Chinese brings two new benefits: more space, and better drinks. You may still need to wait for a seat, but once inside the bi-level, banquet hall–inspired Chinatown space, you can cool your heels at the bar with a juicy sour cider from Spain ...Read the full review

posted on May 8, 2014
Shalom Japan
review by Zachary Sussman

And as its name makes clear, Williamsburg’s Shalom Japan is equally unconcerned with authenticity. Its playful hybrid of Japanese and Jewish cooking exists entirely as the singular vision of chef-owners Aaron Israel and Sawako Okochi. The drinks program faithfully mimics the model behind plates like okonomiyaki (a fried ...Read the full review

posted on September 17, 2013
Ramen Shop
review by Lou Bustamante

Ramen Shop is the brainchild of three Chez Panisse alumni—Jerry Jaksich, Rayneil De Guzman and Sam White—who wanted to give a local and organic twist to ramen. The food may get much of the attention, but the cocktails are some of the most interesting and wellcrafted around. ...Read the full review

posted on September 17, 2013
Roka Akor
review by Lou Bustamante

The 68-seat bar at this Japanese-inspired robata grill and sushi restaurant is downstairs, and with its dark nooks and dusky walls, it feels a bit like a secretive hideout, an otherworldly space where a glowing block of solid ice sits behind a striking bar, made from a single plank ...Read the full review

posted on May 9, 2011
review by Patrick J. Comiskey

Lukshon marks chef Sang Yoon’s long-awaited departure from the hamburger (which he elevated to an art form at Father’s Office in LA) into a marvelous nether-realm of his own creation, inspired by southeast Asian cuisines from Chittagong to Singapore. Yoon has stocked his larder with exotic ...Read the full review

posted on September 7, 2010
review by Patrick J. Comiskey

WP24 calls it like it is: Wolfgang Puck on the 24th floor of the shimmering, metallic gray Ritz-Carlton in LA’s burgeoning downtown Staples Center/Live Nation complex. The restaurant, flanked by two dimly lit bars and a pulsating lounge, signals that we’re not in Spago anymore: This ...Read the full review

posted on December 4, 2009
review by Marnie Old

Morimoto unites former Nobu executive chef Masaharu Morimoto with top Philly restaurateur Stephen Starr. Take a seat in one of the magically lit glass booths and let the former “Iron Chef” dazzle you with ingredients rarely tasted outside Japan. Be sure to taste the signature sakes, served chilled in ...Read the full review

posted on May 12, 2009
Macao Trading Co.
review by Anthony Giglio

Macao, the country, is among the most densely populated areas on the planet. Macao Trading Co., the latest from the team behind Employees Only and Naked Lunch owner Patrick Fahey, just might be the most densely populated bar on the island of Manhattan. Convincingly decked out to evoke a 194 ...Read the full review

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