Restaurant Review: Tennessee, Nashville

Fifty First Kitchen & Bar

Roasted Half Chicken

Set slightly off the beaten path in a West Nashville neighborhood, Fifty First Kitchen & Bar occupies a renovated 1800s-era house that blends right in with its residential neighbors. Here, chef Tony Galzin offers Italian-inspired small plates; his wife, Caroline, pours the wine while manning the couple’s old turntable, with a record collection that veers from Duran Duran and Lynyrd Skynyrd to Vampire Weekend. She keeps the wine list as eclectic as the music, with 30 to 40 bottles on offer at any one time. France and Italy make up the bulk of the choices, with wild cards thrown in when they strike a chord with a dish—like the Broc Cuvée 13.1, a syrah-counoise blend on offer one night, which matched the grilled quail with walnut pesto note for nutty note.

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