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Restaurant Poll 2017: Brie Roland of St. Geneieve

Brie Roland is general manager and wine director at St. Genevieve, Steven Brown’s Parisian-style tavern or “buvette” in South Minneapolis that opened in December 2015. Read more ⇛

Cityscene NYC: King

In a warm, airy space where SoHo and the West Village meet, River Café alums Jess Shadbolt and Clare de Boer teamed up with New Yorker Annie Shi to open King. Read more ⇛

Announcing the Winners of Wine & Spirits Third Annual Sommelier Scavenger Hunt

Four teams competed, each traveling to a different region of North America in search of six great pinot noirs. The teams presented their selections to a jury of their peers, high-level buyers from retail stores and restaurants in New York City. Read more ⇛

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